Monday, January 23, 2017

My Lelaki Teragung

Dayang won Anugerah Juara Lagu 31 last night with her Lelaki Teragung song. I really love the song that I dedicate them to my husband on his 30th birthday (bagi chan sekali sekala).

While I was listening to AJL31 last night, my husband and I were also on a long journey from JB to KL in the middle of the night. We are on our way back from work and decided to drop by at my kampung in Muar to meet my Abah and I wanted to bid farewell to him as I will be on a long trip next week.  Little that I know that my abah is sick. He's on high fever and couldn't get up from bed. We didn't talk much last night as he's already asleep and I just want him to rest. It was not a long stop. But I am bothered about Abah's sickness.

We continued our journey back. And while driving, I ask myself? Who is my LELAKI TERAGUNG? It is my husband. And it's also have always been my abah. The most important person in my life. The one who I hold dear to myself. The man who love me unconditionally. I realized that I missed Abah right after my departure. He looked thinner than before. And I didn't give much attention to him as I have been busy lately. So much little things that I missed. Sigh. I wish I have more than 24 hours a day. I wish I didn't get tired to fast. I wish 3 hours sleep a day is enough for me. I wish I spent more time with my loved ones. And I wish I will be given the opportunity to take care of my Abah and mama in this dunya because nothing that I did nor will do is sufficient to repay their love and kindness to me. May Allah have mercy on my parents and loved ones.

Friday, January 20, 2017

I sinned. Did Allah forgive me?

For the last couple of years, I can't really relate when scholars said "Allah is the Most Merciful", "Allah is Ar-Rahman". I never had my time to think and contemplate on the meaning of Ar-Rahman. The proof of Ar-Rahman. Until I heard the story of Jibrail a.s by Sheikh Omar Suleiman at Well, story of Jibrail a.s himself is quite an elaborate story.

But still,  I am touched on the story where, when Firaun/Phraoh was about to die, Jibrail a.s kick dirt onto his mouth to make sure that Firaun will not have the opportunity to repent or make duaa to Allah and ask for forgiveness. Jibrail a.s knew Allah s.w.t so well that he knew, if Firaun repent, Allah will forgive him. And I am stunned! Firaun got that chance? The one who declare himself as God? That Firaun?What did Allah said to Jibrail a.s when he kick dirt onto Firaun's mouth? Allah said "Kicking dirt onto his mouth won't change anything. If he repent, I will still forgive him if he repent". Of course Firaun did not. But can you see Allah's MERCY? He even show His mercy to the most arrogant person in mankind history.

And this got me thinking, Allah's mercy to us have no boundary. As long as we repent, He will forgive us. Allah is the one who create MERCY. He's the one who create mercy in a mother's heart to her children. He's the one who create mercy of a father towards his kids. He's the one who create mercy of human towards their pet. So His mercy himself is indescribable.

So whenever sister or brother come to me talking about their sins, I will smile at them at say, Allah is the most merciful. Hold that firmly in your heart. Perform your taubah. Go back to Allah. But never take Allah's mercy for granted.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Oh no! I am late! KL Traffic in 2016 was insane

It's been 2 weeks in a row where I punch in late in the morning aka DATANG LAMBAT. Seriously, it's super late. I commute from Ampang to Damansara everyday. In late 2015 it was a smooth sailing since its school holiday. But 2016 have been super hectic and I am still struggling.

I reschedule my time. I admit that the last 2 weeks that I came in late was the time where I am experimenting myself (good luck on conveying excuse to HR Dept.). I clock my time when I leave the house. And I arithmetically went out at 5, 10, 15 to 30 minutes earlier than the first day. Guess what? I am not even close to EARLY.

Traffic in KL was insane man! It drives me crazy. Tomorrow I will need to leave the house 1 hour earlier than my punch in time. Good luck to me :'(

Jack here know what I'm feeling right now. He don't want me to leave early too

Friday, January 15, 2016

Secrets on how to grow well in business

I have been working for my event business in part time for the last 2 years with my husband. (Check out out Instagram and Facebook). I thank God it has been great more than I expected.

And as we just begin 2016, we set a very high target to be achieved this year. It was 3 times higher than what we earn. By multiplying 3 times of the earning, it means we have to work 3 times harder than last year. Or maybe more. But to start earning, we got have knowledge. To have knowledge, we must have mentor or I love to call them my Sifu.

Alhamdulillah we manage to attend The Founder Talk 2, organize by one of the most successful Muslimah brand in Malaysia, BELLA AMMARA. It was a good and informative session and we felt very energetic after the talk. But sooner we realize, a good mentor will assist us in so many ways.

I personally don't believe in 1 mentor. I believe that we must learn for various mentor and we, ourselves must judge all the knowledge to suit our condition. But the strong foundation is a great mentor.

So, yes. TO GROW WELL IN BUSINESS, whatever business that you are in, you must have mentor. or I prefer to say, MENTORS. And here I share with you one of my mentor, Mr Irfan Khairi. You gotta join THE MASTER CLASS which will assist you in your online Marketing strategy. There are a lot to learn from this Mr-Millionaire-at-25-years-old. Register here! And let's grow together.

Thursday, May 7, 2015


Little that I know Backstreet Boys was coming to town. Until the day of the concert. #fangirls #scream
I can't believe my 20-year-old SIL didn't know them. Shame on you young lady!
Those day, these guy are really huge I tell u. And One Direction so nothing to me!
Crazily HUGE! I wanted to go to their concert so badly.

In my dreams, I can go.
As I need to work on my project. Yes. On Sunday. Thank God its a long weekend.

I was intend to use Baby Breath at the first place and find the florist charged me double until I lost my breath. So scratch that Baby Breath. (How many breath do we have here?)
Anyhow, my little project held at Hilton KL. 
And guess what, after a tiring long day, #fangirl here manage to meet her long time crush.
I gotta meet see them really close as we breath in the same air.
They were so tall and wangi....melting

I save the WORST for the last girls.

I only knew it was them when we got home. As I scrolling my IG
I was like," OMG!! It was them! The tall and wangi gentlemen we selisih at the elevator!!"
I went crazy to my '20-year-old SIL who have know idea who Backstreet Boys are' (And she went "Haah la") End.

How could you respond like that SIL! I should buy you bunch of BSB CD's and torture you to listen to them until you hafal all the lyrics.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


The title sounds too SERIOUS. No. It doesn't involve Einstein or any Algebra.
I was deleting the whole Facebook notifications in my email. You know, those 'mention' and 'comment' you already replied.

It happens that I enjoy doing it. Well, not really enjoying the process, it's just that I love what I see.
MY INBOX THEME is cheering me up! Can you believe it? Fortunately I have specific email where all those notification we won't read goes to. Teehee.

I was wondering, what's your WORK Email Inbox Theme? Keep out those boring plain blue or dessert picture. Loosen up. Choose something that is the opposite of yourself.

Oh, GTG. The theme makes me wanna that ice-cream too.

I'm grabbing my car keys while typing this guys. Ciao!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kahwin?Mana nak mula?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Alhamdulillah. Masih bernafas. Ramadhan dah lepas, raya ongoing. 
Anyway, I am in the midst of prepare untuk my wedding. In the midst tu macam tak berapa nak betul sebab sebenarnya, tak prepare ape-ape pun lagi.

Like, seriously takde ape-ape. Cuma dah pergi kursus kahwin beberapa bulan sebelum puasa. Tu pun sebab dengar rumors pasal kena Qiamulail. Nape eh kita phobia dengan qiamulail. Daripada zaman sekolah lagi. Haish! 
Tema ke, color baju, pelamin semua apetah lagi.

Where should I start?